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Chemical Oxidation Applications for Industrial Wastewaters (pdf)


Olcay Tünay,
Işık Kabdaşlı,
Idil Arslan-Alaton
Tuğba Ölmez-Hancı

Date of Publication:



Wastewater Treatment


IWA Publishing

This book is intended to cover chemical oxidation applications applied to industrial wastewater treatment. At the first glance, the subject may seem rather specific, however as anybody who is involved in industrial waste treatment thinks about the place of chemical oxidation in industrial wastewater control as well as the recent developments in the field realises the scope of the subject and may be the need for a monograph focused on this subject. The authors devoted at least last two decades to chemical wastewater treatment methods and the applications to industrial wastewaters and they mostly collaborate in research and application. The idea of writing this book was almost spontaneous and unanimous as we discuss the merits of chemical oxidation and its commonplace in industrial wastewater treatment. Then, the process of writing the book has begun.

The book aims to cover to an up-to-date review, discussion and evaluation of the chemical oxidation applications to industrial wastewaters. Within this context, all existing methods and technologies as well as new and developing methods have been evaluated with specific reference to industrial wastewaters and from the stand points of both theoretical background and applicational aspects such as cost and operation. The wide spectrum of the methods employed in the field call for a review of theoretical basis of the chemical oxidation and the applied methods in the field which have been the subject of first chapter. Chapters 2–9 have been devoted to applications to specific industries which have been selected considering the environmental importance and worldwide common use of the industry as well as the role of chemical oxidation in the treatment of wastewaters. In the last chapter, several industrial process wastewaters and municipal landfill leachate have been the subject of review due to increasing use of chemical oxidation application for their wastewater control. The book is written for graduate level students, researchers and practitioners. However, design aspects, cost and operation information about the processes address a wider audience.